Free Consultations

- All consultations are complimentary, confidential, and scheduled at your convenience. During this time we will discuss what items you are looking to sell and if they have value. We will go over all of our services in detail and create a plan that works for you. We want this to be a positive experience.

Preparing for the sale

- After we have finalized our plans for a sale. Our sales team will spend designated time at the home where the contents will be sold in order to price, tag and arrange all the items discussed to be sold. We will market the sale in a timely matter using newspaper ads, social media, and more. Typically  sale could last 1-3 days; and prep time could take up to 2 weeks.

Unique & Valuable items

- If you have a valuable item that requires appraisal such as a piece of artwork, jewelry, fine china, silver etc; we will consult an appraiser at NO COST TO YOU. Items will not be removed from the home without your consent.

The Sale

- We will arrive early the day of the sale. Once doors open we will be focused on sale customers and facilitating transactions. We effectively mange the flow of traffic into your home by ensuring that only the optimal number of people enter at one time. The number will vary based on the size of the home. It is important to us that we maintain the safety of your belongings and your home wile hosting an enjoyable and friendly environment.

After the Sale

- We neatly pack up all unsold items, wipe down surfaces, and vacuum (additional clean services available). We can also take care of any remaining belongings. We have the resources to assist us in removing or donating your items after your sale. We will guide you to ensure you are aware of all of the available options.